Juliann’s Yankee Hall Bridal Portraits – Greenville Photographer

Whenever Will gets home from a session that I’m not able to attend, I always have a million questions for him. I hate missing sessions, and I always want to know every little detail of it. This especially applies to bridal sessions. I remember being a little girl and always imagining that all brides are princesses. Well when Will got home, he described Juliann as just that- a princess. We both knew Juliann from high school, but she was a bit younger than us, well a lot younger than Will… He’s getting old 🙂 Anyways, Will was so excited to tell me just how gorgeous Juliann was in her dress and how she simply glowed with happiness throughout the entire session. I was so excited to see the pictures, and now I’m even more excited to share with all of you these stunning portraits. Will is busy editing away her wedding day photos, but we hope these bridals will hold you over until wedding photos are complete.