Haley & Josiah – Trash the Dress – Beaufort, NC Photographer

Getting to edit and perfect this shoot was like the dessert I got for editing all of the weddings that I had this past June.  Don’t get me wrong, I love weddings, but going through up to 5,000 photos per wedding can really bog you down.

I hope you guys can tell why this is my dessert.  Haley told me from day 1 that she was ready to jump in the ocean and actually cut up her wedding dress.  I wish you could have seen the grin that spread across my face from ear to ear.  Haley and Josiah were the perfect couple to make this shoot both dramatic and fun.  Haley knew what she wanted and was the perfect model and would beat me to the poses, and Josiah knew when to goof off and lighten the mood.

The only regret I had was having to hustle home and missed getting mexican food with them after the shoot was over.

Before they jumped into the pool, I had them jump up and down to pose and to make sure I had all of my settings right – this was definitely my favorite pose




After the pool, Haley’s dad took us to Carrot Island on his boat so we could have a nice private beach.  Carrot Island is known to have wild horses living on it, but none of have ever seen as many in one place as we did that day.  We approached one herd, but there were 3 other herds of horses in different directions.

This one is called: “Romance Novel”