Build an Album

step by step guide to building and ordering

We make ordering an album as simple as possible.  All that you have to do is pick your favorite photos and we’ll do the rest!  We’ll create a digital proof for you to approve prior to completing your order.

First Steps

Learn a little about what you will be building.


Our albums feature a high quality watercolor paper that gives your photos a soft, matte look. The paper is mounted to a substantial card-stock that allows for your photo arrangements to spread across the margin for a stunning presentation. Albums start with 5 spreads and max out at 30 spreads.

How many photos should I choose?

Figuring out how many photos you’d like to order can be the difficult part.  You may find it easiest to first pick what photos you’d like to use and let us get you a quote with sizing options.  However, if you’d rather pick the dimensions and length,  we recommend 6-12 images per album spread.  (6 per spread for a 6″x6″ or 5″x7″, 8 per spread for 8″x8″, 10 per spread for 10″x10″, or 12 per spread for 12″x12″)   Click here to download a pricing guide.

Pick out Favorites

The fun part

There are a number of ways to pick favorites, but we have found the easiest is to use the hearts in the corner of your photo thumbnails. NOTE: Please don't pick photos with our logo in the bottom corner.

Login/Create Account

Avoid losing your work

As soon as you pick your first favorite, a pop-window will assist you by asking you to login or create an account

Login/Create Account

Save your progress

Creating an account will allow you to leave and come back to your favorites without losing your progress. Start from your computer - finish on your phone. Having an account makes this all possible.

Favorites Bar

Keeping up with your favorites

Once you've created an account/logged in, you will see a window in the upper left corner explaining where to access your favorites.

Edit Your Collection

Review and revise

At any point while selecting your favorites, or once you have finished, you can access your favorites to review and make any cuts you'd like simply by clicking on ``Edit My Selection``

Rearrange Your Photos

Give some order to your selection

Once viewing your collection, you can simply drag and drop your photos to get the order that you'd like. If you'd like, you can leave this up to us when we create your layout, just be sure to let us know when sharing your collection.

Share Your Favorites

Almost done

Once you are satisfied with your favorites collection, the only thing you have left to do is share your collection with us.

Share with Photographer

Add some instructions

Here is your chance to leave a couple notes. Let us know: 1) Have you picked the dimensions/length? 2) Are your photos in a special order? 3) What cover option would you like?

Cover Options

Pick any cover material and combine with 2 of your favorite photos for a unique cover option

Black Alligator, Dark Brown Alligator, Dark Red Alligator, Black Leather, Dark Brown Leather, White Leather, and Dark Red Leather

Charcoal, Camel, Saddle, and Aviator

Black, Brown, Tan, Forest Green, Navy Blue, Purple, Aqua, Ocean Blue, Red, Orange, Lime Green, and Pink

Cream, Rustic Red, Burnt Orange, and Olive Green

Black, Tan, Chocolate Brown, Grey, Teal, Sage, Baby Pink, and Baby Blue.
Solid Fabric options are included in the base price for a book/album.  Suedes, Leathers, and Combo-Cover options are subject to an upgrade fee.  Click Here to download a pricing guide.