Kalea & Ryan – MacGregor Downs Country Club Wedding Highlight Film – Cary NC Photographer

As the whirlwind of this busy fall season is starting to slow down a bit, I’m beginning to realize just how much I have left to blog to share all of this season’s goodness with all of you. I’m not sure how Kalea and Ryan’s wedding day highlight film has managed to slip through the cracks for more than a month now, but I’m here to redeem myself and share it! Ya’ll, we had THE BEST time celebrating Kalea and Ryan at the MacGregor Downs Country Club in Cary, NC last month. They are one of the most ridiculously awesome couples we have ever met. From Kalea’s fun hair and laid back personality to Ryan’s subtle sense of humor that kept us laughing and the fact that they are both super photogenic, we had such an easy time capturing their personalities, love for each other, and love for life. Even though we met them for the first time on their wedding day, it felt so easy getting to know them. We hope this film shows off just how amazing Kalea and Ryan’s wedding day was.