Joy & Bryan – Hanging Rock State Park Engagement Session – Danbury NC Photographer

I wish there was a way to describe the excitement I felt when Joy and Bryan asked us if they could do their engagement photos at Hanging Rock State Park. YES! Yes, was most definitely the answer! Will and I love the mountains, but neither one of us had been to Hanging Rock before, so not only were we excited to visit, but we were even more excited to take photos there as well. Watching the forecast the morning of Joy and Bryan’s session, we knew there was a chance of a late afternoon thunderstorm, but we all agreed it was worth the risk and we made the drive up. The first half of our session, the weather was absolutely cooperative and gave us great light for the photos. However, as we were gathering our things to make the hike to the Hanging Rock, we heard ominous thunder in the background. Again, we were all in agreement that the hike up was still worth it, especially if we managed to dodge the storm or get sprinkled on. What we didn’t know was that about two-thirds of the way through our hike, the bottom would fall out with not only rain, but hail. That’s right – HAIL! We were at the perfect spot to hide out under a big rock for a bit before finishing our hike and making it to the Hanging Rock. After drying off for a bit and changing clothes, we finished the session with some amazing shots that go down as some of my favorite EVER. We are even more excited now to celebrate Joy and Bryan next June. Thank you guys for being such troopers! We LOVE LOVE LOVE all of the ideas you had and couldn’t have imagined a better time exploring Hanging Rock (ok, well maybe if there wasn’t hail :))