Will Greene Photography’s Favorite Locations for Engagement Sessions

Engagement sessions are probably my absolute favorite session to shoot. Typically it’s the first time that Will and I really get to know the bride and groom. Engagement sessions are by far the most laid back sessions that we do and can also be the most fun. We frequently get asked for suggestions on where to do engagement sessions. It’s definitely hard to narrow down our favorite choices, but I have compiled a list of some of our favorite locations.


Greensprings Parks, Greenville NC-
Sometimes Will and I question whether we overuse Greensprings Park, but for good reason. It’s definitely one of our go to places when the couple doesn’t have suggestions of their own.  The beauty of Greensprings is that this little corner of the world doesn’t feel like it is in Greenville, NC and it is absolutely gorgeous year-round. We also love that the tall trees provide plentiful shade while letting through the perfect amount of light. We also love to use the bridge that is just a short walk from the main areas of the park.
Downtown Washington, NC/ Washington Park –
We absolutey love using downtown Washington, NC for engagement sessions. If you’ve never explored Washington, you’ll be pleasantly surprised by the small town charm. So many great spots are all within walking distance. We love exploring the different alleyways, brick walls, steps, etc. as well as several of the piers on the water. Washington Park is just a short drive from downtown Washington. This small community on the water, boasts some gorgeous trees. We love this little area at sunset.

Downtown New Bern, NC-
We love downtown New Bern for many of the same reasons that we love downtown Washington. New Bern has so much charm and beauty. There is no charge to use the small gardens that surround Tryon Palace’s property. There are also several gorgeous locations on the water that provide a perfect setting for sunset shots.

E. Carroll Joyner Park, Wake Forest, NC-
Oh, what we would give to have E. Carroll Joyner Park in Farmville! This little park is absolute perfection for anyone tha wants a beautiful, natural, outdoor setting for their engagement photos. We love that there is so much to see in such a small space- old barns, a pecan grove, tall grass, open fields… Oh, it’s just perfect!

Goose Creek Sate Park, Washington NC-
Goose Creek State Park, just east of Washington is another great location that has several different spots that are close in proximity. We especially love the long path that can be seen in several shots below. There is a wonderful access to the river as well as several nature trails to explore.

American Tobacco Campus, Durham NC-
The American Tobacco Campus in Durham NC is the perfect location for anyone that is looking for an industrial feel to their engagement session. We love that there is so much to see in such a small space. This little corner of the world is definitely unique.

College Campuses-
We love finding locations that are special to the bride and groom for their engagement session. If you dated throughout college, chances are that your college campus has lots of memories for you.
   ECU – East Carolina University is definitely one of our favorite college campuses. Maybe that’s all due to the fact that we are Pirate alumni ourselves, but the campus is truly beautiful.
   N.C. State – Some of our favorite past clients are State alumni, and we have such fond memories of getting to know them during their campus engagement session.

   Chowan – We went through a stretch where so many of our clients were either from the Chowan area or were Chowan alumni. To be such a small university that many people have never heard of, Chowan University has a really gorgeous campus.
    Campbell – One of my favorite engagement sessions ever was on Campbell University’s campus.
Farmville Park –
Will and I lived in Farmville for several years before we really found the beauty that is in our local park. This little spot is literally less than a mile from our house but it is gorgeous nearly year round. Not only is the fall color nice, we love the blossoms on the trees during the spring.