Throwback Thursday – Ashley & Scott – Bank of the Arts Wedding – New Bern NC Photographer

I’ve had Ashley and Scott’s wedding day in the que of weddings and sessions to be blogged for awhile now. When Will came home yesterday and told me he saw Ashley and Scott at Chipotle for lunch, I knew it was my sign to get on it and finally blog this amazing wedding. I wish I could put into words just how much we loved working with Ashley and Scott. They are two of the most genuinely likable people that I have ever met. Not only does Ashley’s smile light up any room that she’s in, but the sound of her laughter makes you stop in your tracks because it, too, makes you feel so good inside. What is especially amazing about this couple is that Will and I saw nothing but the best side of them throughout their entire day even though their wedding day plans were turned upside down when Hurricane Joaquin came through the weekend of their wedding. They both handled the situation with such grace. I am forever grateful that they kept their good attitudes and made the most of the situation. We are also grateful that the rain clouds gave way on their wedding day and all of their wedding portraits were able to be taken outside. I’ve gone on and on about how likable Ashley and Scott are, but I haven’t even mentioned how GORGEOUS they both are. I just love the shots of the two of them around downtown New Bern. I’ll stop rambling now and let these photos do the talking. Enjoy this Throwback Thursday post!