Will Greene Photography | Bailey & Doug – Yankee Hall Plantation Wedding – Greenville NC Photographer
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Bailey & Doug – Yankee Hall Plantation Wedding – Greenville NC Photographer

I’m going way out of order with my blogging on this post, but I just can’t help myself. I am beyond excited to share Bailey and Doug’s wedding photos with you all. We’ve had an amazing year of weddings so far, but I must say that Bailey and Doug’s big day holds an extra special place in our hearts. Bailey is Will’s cousin and I’ve had the pleasure of knowing her for almost ten years now. She’s such a gorgeous girl, both inside and out. Will and I were so excited when she contacted us last year to let us know that Doug had proposed and she wanted us to capture the day. I knew from day one that this wedding would be incredibly special and beautiful beyond words. Boy, oh boy, was I right! Seriously, Bailey and Doug are both so detail oriented and every aspect of the day came together perfectly. We wish we could relive their day over and over. It was just that amazing. Before I keep rambling on and on, I’ll let these photos share the story of the day…