Will Greene Photography | John – 6 Months – Williamston NC Photographer
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John – 6 Months – Williamston NC Photographer

I first had the vision of giving a baby an outdoor “bath” two years ago when one of my best friend’s little girl was scheduled to have her 6 month photos. Austin made that first outdoor “bath” everything I had envisioned. There were smiles, giggles, and squeals of pure joy while splashing in the water. Since that day, we’ve been so excited each time a parent suggests the same theme. We have found that 6 months is just about the perfect age. Will was so excited when he arrived for John’s 6 month session and realized his mom had planned an outdoor “bath.” She had an even better vision than I have had all along and had a bubble gun and rubber duckies. Seriously, John is so cute in these shots, even if he didn’t give up a ton of smiles! Enjoy!