Jackson – 3 Months – Greenville NC Photographer

Sometimes Will and I struggle when it comes to brainstorming ideas for 3 month sessions. Babies are too alert at this point to pose but so much in baskets and other props but aren’t quite sitting up yet and have very little stability when propped up. If we’re honest, we used to almost stress these sessions. Somewhere along the way we learned we were silly for stressing because it doesn’t matter what you do with a 3 month old… they will always be the star of the show with their blooming personality. It’s the session that we often capture the first smiles and the session that families first get to really interact with the baby. We’ve learned that theses sessions are really a lot of fun!

Jackson’s 3 month session was just that – lots of fun. He’s smiling and showing the world just how sweet he is. His big brother, Gavin, thinks Jackson is just the coolest! The family shots are especially sweet. All four just glow with love! We hope you’ll enjoy these shots!