Britt & Gus – St. Thomas Preservation Hall Wedding – Wilmington NC Photographer

I’ve known Britt for several years now and from the time that I found out Gus proposed, I just knew that she would be an absolutely stunning bride and would plan the most gorgeous wedding. She’s just that type of person – kind, compassionate sweet, and beautiful inside and out without even trying. Knowing these things about Britt, Will and I made the drive down to Wilmington giddy with excitement. We were excited to see Britt all dressed up, excited to hang out with the wedding party, and excited to shoot at St. Thomas Preservation Hall, an absolutely gorgeous venue with brick walls, high ceilings, and lights strung across. I had the perfect balcony to shoot from too! The ceremony was full of sweet moments but it was only the beginning of a day full of wonderfully beautiful moments. After taking photos, Britt and Gus danced to the perfect First Dance. You could simply feel the magic between the couple. They were absolutely adorable throughout the night.