Lauren & Justin – Stanly Hall Wedding – New Bern Photographer

Thankfully, I only have to miss one or two weddings each year due to my work schedule. I plan like a madwoman and do my best to never miss any of the excitement. However, I missed Justin & Lauren’s big day for exciting reasons of my own- I was galavanting around Atlanta on a bachelorette trip. I loved every moment of my trip, celebrating one of our October brides who happens to be one of my best friends, but I also hated that I had to miss Justin & Lauren’s big day. Will filled me in on every detail- from how gorgeous Lauren was, to how perfectly planned every detail was, to how accommodating and friendly their families were, right on down to how fun the reception was. I guess it was the next best thing to being there. Enjoy these photos from Lauren and Justin’s big day!
Oh, and if these photos don’t convince you how awesome a First Look can be, I’m not sure what will 🙂