Will Greene Photography | Avery & Jeremy – Engagement Session – Farmville Photographer
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Avery & Jeremy – Engagement Session – Farmville Photographer

We met Avery and Jeremy at a bridal show back in February. When Avery told me that she and Jeremy were getting married in January, I just had to ask her why. What exactly lures a bride into a January wedding date? Avery’s answer made me just as excited for her wedding as she was. Her reply? “I wanted something to look forward to during a not so exciting time of year.” Now Will and I have something to look forward to in January! Because let’s face it… January is kind of slow for us and now we can anxiously await this amazing couple with such a good sense of style who will undoubtedly have an awesome wedding.

Will was able to take Avery and Jeremy out to a local farm property one day last week and captured some gorgeous photos. I hate that I had to miss it, because well… I think the pictures will speak for themselves. They are stunning!!!