Allison & Matt – Hilton Wedding – Greenville Photographer

I met Allison and Matthew about a year ago when I shot their engagement photos on a gorgeous property in Edgecombe County. It’s such a tease to meet such an amazing couple and have to wait a year to shoot their wedding. Needless to say, Diana and I were excited when Allison and Matt’s wedding day finally came earlier this month. They had an elegant ceremony in the courtyard of the Hilton followed by a reception that was tons of fun. On a side note- maybe it’s because Diana and I are on diets and don’t get real food as often as we used to, but they had the most AMAZING food we’ve had in ages! We’d recommend the Hilton to anyone! Allison and Matt along with their guests are also the type of crowd that reminds us why we love doing our Photobooth– they had so much fun and kept us laughing throughout the entire reception!