Sara & Chris – Camp Lejeune MCCS Wedding – Jacksonville NC Photographer

Sara and Chris had one of those wedding days where everyone turns into amateur meteorologists – checking the weather radar on their phones every few minutes and speculating what the rain is going to do.  Luckily every raincloud seemed to skirt us and kept things gorgeous for this FUN(!) couple.  Between amazing ideas for the bridal party photos to the reception where… well let’s let the pictures do the talking.

I know the rope may be a little confusing – but you’ll see what it’s for later.

I’m not entirely sure what Diana had these kids doing, but when I came across it, I knew I had to include it.

Okay so… it may have rained for just a little bit.

These kids were the most adorable things ever!

Sara’s eyes in the next two shots show so much emotion…

…okay so this might show more of a lack of trust.

We snuck out for some nighttime posed shots and got some of my favorites I’ve ever done.