Rena Beth & Daniel – Bellefont Plantation Wedding – Washington NC Photographer

It is hard to believe that it was at least 12 years ago that Rena Beth’s brother and I used to annoy her by playing the theme song to Super Mario Brothers on our saxophones behind her in band class.  If you had told me then that I would be photographing her beautiful wedding day, I would have thought you were absolutely insane.

It was an absolutely gorgeous day.  They did a fantastic job planning the day.  From the small details of the church getting a special touch, to the location she planned for portraits (and the couch!), to the stunning Bellefont Plantation for the reception.. this wedding was nothing short of perfect.

Nothing makes me happier than a couple that loves photos.  As the guests enjoyed their cake we snuck out to get some photos on the grounds of the Bellefont.

The DJ started the dancing off with a couples’ dance.  Starting with all the couples on the floor, the DJ called out years until only the couple that had been together the longest remained.

When asked to give Rena Beth and Daniel advice, the winning couple said “never go to bed angry.”  He then added “I did stay awake 3 days straight once.”

Ladies and Gentlemen, the garter toss so fast that the guys didn’t even know it was happening: