Ashley & John – Wedding – Kinston NC Photographer

It’s couples like Ashly and John that make me absolutely love my job.  These two were so easy going and laid back that there was never a second where you forgot the reason that brought us all together: Their love.

I first met with Ashley at a Starbucks in Greenville.  I always try to arrive early and this day I was extra early – hoping to take care of some bookkeeping, and prep for our consultation.  Ashley and I both arrived at pretty much the exact same time.  Which worked out perfectly.  She has been so on the ball with her planning and so amazing to work with that I’m sure I’ve been a little spoiled with this wedding.

My favorite thing about John was his disappointment at one moment during the reception.  We had planned on sliding out for a few photos after the cake cutting, and just as we walk out of the ballroom doors, the DJ starts to play “Apache (Jump on it)” by The Sugarhill Gang.  His eyes lit up and then his head fell as he realized he was going to miss it.  He was a trooper and made it through the photos.  Once we got back to the reception he asked the DJ to play it one more time and then the two of them proceeded to dance like Will & Carlton from The Fresh Prince.  Made. My. Night.

I hope you enjoy this amazing couple’s photos as much as I did taking them!

Oh yeah – it was a little windy during the ceremony.  Hence the ghost vail in the next shot.

The minister had them do one of my favorite things I have ever seen at a ceremony.  He asked them to whisper a special secret in each other’s ears.  Something that would only be between the two of them that they could cherish forever.

I love impromptu shots – we were crossing the street to get to this gorgeous path and they decided to have a little fun.

I’ve never seen such apprehension of each other and the wedding cake.  I guess they knew what was about to happen.