LCPL Fanno Homecoming (Jake & Sydney’s Mini-Engagement) – Eastern NC Photographer

Sydney and her mother came to me in the spring to hire me to shoot Sydney and Jake’s wedding in September of 2013.  Knowing that Jake wouldn’t be home until late Summer, we got things set for the wedding and agreed we would reconvene once Jake returned home.  Two months ago, Sydney messaged me with a slight change of plans.  They decided to move the wedding up to August 11 (next week.)  Having been separated for 7 months, they didn’t want to wait another year to get married.  We scheduled her bridals and planned on me capturing the homecoming and hopefully it would work out that we could get some engagement style photos done of the two of them.

Well the stars have really aligned for this couple, everything has worked out perfectly, just the way they wanted.


Our day started at the Burger King on camp Lejeune after we found it their bus was delayed a few hours.  Sydney knew we’d be able to see his bus go by from the restaurant so that’s where we set up base for a few hours.

Once we arrived to the gym where the homecoming was being held, the rain slowly started to let up.

I don’t know if it wasn’t properly announced or if we just missed it, but we did not know that there were 2 companies having their homecoming that morning.  As the first marines marched in, Sydney’s eyes darted across each soldiers face looking for her fiancé.  My heart was racing for her.  She had spoken with Jake, she knew he had landed in the States, but she still couldn’t shake that frightful thought that maybe he wouldn’t be there.

Just before giving up, we find out that his company’s bus was held up a little longer and they would be another 15 minutes.  Here’s a happy girl:

Her eyes start scanning again…

…and there he is!


This is my favorite image from the day:  The Marine, his fiancé, and soon-to-be-mother-in-law.

After the emotions died down a little, we headed to the beach access on base for some portrait shots.  I’m going to start requiring my couples to spend 7 months apart before their engagement shoots.  You cannot stage this pure love.  I did little posing, just let them be with each other.  It was perfect.