Sierra & Trent – Rock Springs Wedding – Greenville NC Photographer

While everyone was eating, I was talking with the DJs and we agreed that usually you can predict the length of a reception based on the crowd and the time of day (and presence of alcohol of course.)  We would not have predicted that Sierra & Trent’s friends and family would have had such a good time at noon on a Saturday.  This was the sweetest crowd of people I have ever been around.

One of the best part about Rock Springs is they have room for the bride and groom to prepare, so they’re all right there for me to sneak out for some pre-wedding portraits.

The boys got yo-yos as groomsmen gifts – I couldn’t resist making the next 2 photos happen.

On to the ceremony…

The next few photos may seem odd, but Trent’s dad shared a story during his toast about how he used to blow the whistle whenever he closed a deal with a client and Trent and his sisters would run into the room, hug, and cheer for dad.  After closing the biggest deal of his life, Trent got to blow the whistle…

…and his sisters came running.

…and DANCE!

This is Trent’s “I’m married now” happy dance: