Shannon & Joey – Boathouse Wedding – Beaufort NC Photographer

I had so much fun at this wedding.  I was excited about the location (The Boathouse in Beaufort NC) and how gorgeous of a day it was going to be – you know typical photographer stuff.  I did not know how welcomed I would feel and how much fun this group of people were about to have.  I hope you enjoy these images at least half as much as I enjoyed taking them.

When I first met up with  the boys, they may have had a few drinks in them, they were cat-calling to the bridesmaids as they walked past.

Nothing makes me happier than hearing that a couple wants to do a first look.  It is one of the best moments I will ever get to capture.

Best. Reaction. Ever.  (She was gorgeous.)

After they had a moment to themselves it was time to hop on the trolley and head to The Boathouse.


(A little behind the scenes shot)

Everybody had their own unique entrance, but Shannon and Joey’s was my favorite.

A few of the fringe benefits of being a wedding photographer:

While the guests finished their meals, I snuck the newlyweds out for a few sunset portraits.

After everyone had their cake…

and the sun went down…

it was time to DANCE!!

I have never seen guys out dance the girls at weddings, but these guys were non-stop – till the DJ had to quit due to noise ordinances!