Allisyn & Cristian – Trash the Dress – Beaufort County Photographer

Allisyn & Cristian are my first couple to take part in all 4 wedding related sessions that I offer: Engagement, Bridal, Wedding, and now a Trash the Dress session.  I have really enjoyed spending time with these two over the last year.

When talking about this time of session, 99% percent of people are somewhat taken aback by the thought of trashing their wedding dress.  “Trashing” might be a little harsh, when all this session is, is a chance for the couple newly married couple to head out and get some more artistic and more intimate shots of the two of them that are impossible to make happen when there is a crowd of guests waiting for their entrance.  Since these sessions are post-wedding, my brides are a little less concerned with the safety/cleanliness of their dress – hence: trash the dress.

I’ve been looking forward to this session for a while now, because I knew these two would rock it.  Was I wrong?

Ok, so this next path may feel repetitive, but I couldn’t find a single one I could cut out.

See what I mean??