Will Greene Photography | The Hale’s – Maternity Photography
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The Hale’s – Maternity Photography

*This is from two sessions I did with Stephanie, her husband Matt, and her son Noah (with Chloe on board.)  The first was our original scheduled date for her maternity/family session.  It was almost rained out until we decided for her to get some rain gear on and come out for a rainy day shoot.

On July 20 – 11 days shy of his 28th birthday, her father Matt was killed in a car accident.  I can’t imagine all that Stephanie has gone through this past month – faced with raising her two beautiful children on her own – on top of losing her true love.  Stephanie has started a heartbreaking/uplifting blog to help her get her thoughts out.  Please take time and visit Day Three to learn more about the Hale’s.